Rent a Car Manual

How does the rent a car booking system works?

For renting a car via, please follow the steps:

1. Select your suitable car from our list, by using the provided criteria. Get more information on the car, company's terms and conditions, by checking "car details".

2. Send us a rent a car inquiry by filling the booking form. If our operator is on line, you can contact us directly and receive the confirmation and payment link right away.

3. In the case the operator is off-line, your car rental inquiry will be processed in maximum 24 hours. If the car is available for the requested period, a payment link will be send to your e-mail address within 24 hours.

4. Please follow the on-line payment link in your e-mail and pay the rent a car booking service.
IMPORTANT: do the payment within 24 hours, otherwise your car rental request will be canceled.

5. After paying the car rental booking service, an e-mail including all the details (car rental company, address, telephone number, web page and e-mail address, pick up place) will be send. In case of any payment errors, a processing error message will show.

6. The car rental company is now informed of your reservation and the requested car is on hold for the requested period. Please pick up the car at the place suggested to you on the payment confirmation e-mail, or get in contact directly with the car rental company for arranging another place.

For any further information or inquiries please contact us at:

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